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Now she claims, she was perfectly happy with it at the time - if she keeps Harvey and her new baby completely out of photo shoots and TV work, that is if she ever gets another chance to work on TV, and doesn't just restrict her ban to two of her children, then maybe she has changed her mind. But if she doesn't withdraw all 4 children, then she is being hypocritical.
I don't know if you have seen Junior on TV, but he is a perfectly normal polite well-behaved little boy. There is no obvious evidence that it has affected him. However, as the children are only in a few minutes each show that I have seen, there really shouldn't be any problem removing them and maybe it should be done now.
I think both parents have commented he has shown signs of the media exposure affecting him, although the father has
said it in a jokey way.

She explains it herself better here at 2:30 :

I agree totally they should all be removed from the media - it sounds though like the PA camp disagree, and as i've said before i think that might have more to do with the TV companies than him, but then again, he could insist that they are not used and doesn't. In fact he had them on stage with him at last concert, and at that event they could not walk around and enjoy things normally because of lots of fans.
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