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Long time lurker here - hi all - I'm currently sick as a dog -and in bed on a Saturday night :/ so have found myself here - and decided to share this... about 2 weeks ago, on a friday evening around 7pm I was getting off the tube [Leicester Square to be precise]- and walking down the platform - when I saw a girl sitting on a bench - and at first I thought I know her as I was approaching, thinking it was actually a friend of a friend who I couldn't place - but actually it was...our Ems!

She was sitting on a bench on the tube platform, talking to a woman in her 30s - who I'm not sure if she had just met - or if she was with - but the woman was asking her questions - and Emma seemed really delighted to listen and give her answers

For a moment I was going to whip my phone out and ask for a pic - and I did think of this board! - but to be honest, I couldn't be bothered, and i dont think its actually right to approach [take a deep breath y'all] celebrities in public, although I'm not half sure if emma wasn't sitting on that bench waiting to be spotted...

anyway - all I wanted to say was - yes, this was a surreal moment, like when u see ur headmaster in the supermarket - it was a real live Chawner on the tube!!

and... I have to say it... in real life Emma is NOT all that big, maybe she has slimmed down a bit, or just wears it well, but you wouldn't pick her out from a crowd if u walked past her on the high street for being hugely overweight...

and, up close, she is actually very pretty, has lovely skin and hair... and it makes me feel a bit sad for her and Sam... as when it comes down to it they are 2 young girls who are in a way trapped in that house...I know, not really...but... you know what I mean!

There are actually a lot of woman from a certain country living around me and they are all fed to be quite big, even the girls, and I have often thought is this actually a way for men to control them... to literally make sure they don't wander too far...

anyways, I also wandered was that woman on the bench with emma some sort of tv producer or from itv or something... could emma have something in the works... we shall see...

yey, so that's a long post, but i have been reading for about 2 years, so said what I need to say, happy chawnerwatching y'all
Hi, interesting post, thanks for sharing. From my time on this thread I've felt that the backlash against the Chawners is little to do with their weight issues but more linked to their attitudes towards others and their attitude that seems to be that the world owes them something. That said there has always been a certain amount of sympathy too, especially for Audrey and Sam who seem to be the ones most under the control of PaChawner. I remember in one of the early parts of this thread Sam was away somewhere for a long while and most of us seemed in agreement this was a positive thing for her to finally be away from the clutches of PaChawner. That said they don't help public perception of themselves with their attitudes towards others and work.
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