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Thanks secretlifeofbees! Yes, their attitudes are not that great to think about when you're going to work on a monday morning - although I don't resent them that much because after all, what sort of a life is watching TV and eating smart price sausages ALL day!! ... with intervals of getting deluded about police harrassment, and dreaming of another session with Lorraine Kelly!

It's probably too late for ma and pa to stop living like this - although I'd love it if one of them had a dramatic life change, and ma chawner to become like the meryl streep in the devil wears prada or something - ok, that's unlikely to happen! - but I hope the girls get out of that life pattern - it seems the Government is going to make it hard to choose this as a lifestyle anymore anyway - or get boyfriends who stand up to the madness and tell philth and his hot cross-bun chomping sidekick that your supposed to give your children wings! not stop them going on dates [totally normal, desirable even!] and not let them lay around the house wasting a youth that should be spent having fun and getting some sort of security by getting an education or trade!

Ok, rant over! I don't want to be a jug ...but watching the chawners is bit like eating sour sour sweets or watching a car crash - you don't want to, but you kinda do... you know what I mean!
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