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Well the general consensus seems to be that while Kelly might not be a genius she is a genuinely nice person and quite approachable. While plenty of people may not approve of her career, she certainly seems quite hard working and we don't here stories of her being a diva either on or off of set. Which lets face it are the sort of stories the press love to report.

Plus she did a highly successful stint with the Crazy Horse Cabaret in London last year, so she must have some ability at putting on the sexy.

Personally, I think DC must be bibically stupid to have cheated on, but this is most definitely his loss.

As other have said she needs to give up on the toyboys and give us older men a chance
why does everyone label her as thick?

i have seen her in interviews and i don't she comes across that way....
where does her 'lack of brain' come from?
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