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I see that she's still flogging the dead horse "Female Boss" slogan. That one was never going to catch on (what does it even mean?) and the fact that she's still pushing it shows how deluded she really is.
She is just an awful, hideous person. Constantly foul-mouthed and abusive, and to me her view of herself as 'The Female Boss' seems like part of her belief that she is more important than other people, and that she's not someone to be 'messed with'.

It is laughable, she really does think she's so tough (it's coz she's from da streets innit? ) and she's so desperate to come across that way, she doesn't even realise how much of an idiot she makes herself look. It's a damning indictment of 'showbiz' culture that someone like her can become seen to be some kind of important celebrity, especially having hardly anything to show for it in the first place.
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