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Blind Items Revealed:

From Crazy Days & Nights

From June 5, 2013

This A list mostly television actress gave her significant other a big cheque, calling it a bonus, so he could get the ring she wanted for their engagement.

The Ghost Whisperer

From June 3, 2013

This former B list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show flew into a rage recently when her husband refused to authorize her purchase of several hundred thousand dollars worth of antiques. He said no. People looked the other way when she started screaming.

Serena van der Woodsen

From June 3, 2013

This A+ list celebrity couple had a huge knock down drag out fight at their hotel after the husband turned up many many hours later than he was supposed to. It got so bad that his security team got into a fight with her security team. The show did go off without a hitch though.

Mr & Mrs. Carter

From June 3, 2013

This B- mostly movie actor who is known for his acting, but also other things about his personally had finally found a girlfriend. Well, she thinks they are boyfriend/girlfriend and the tabloids do because he told her they were and his publicists did too, but he is seeing anyone that walks or talks and is willing to have sex.

Young version of Magneto

From June 3rd, 2013

This A list celebrity with no apparent talent expect being a diva despite all the things she does, tried to get a doorman fired at the hotel she is staying at. Apparently the doorman tried to strike up a conversation with her and she told him to never speak to her unless she spoke first and then tried to get him fired. The hotel refused.

Jenny from the block
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