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@ Cantona07 - but don't you worry you will tire of seeing the same design every day for the rest of your life? Taste changes so much over a lifetime. A tattoo the size of Cheryl's would be so much work to remove, if she hated it in 5 years.
But thats life. You make decisions and live with them. Im 34 now and i have a full sleeve down one arm and 6 tattoos on the other. I LOVE them. At the risk of being silly they are a part of me. I have a tattoo on both hands. It hasnt held me back one iota. I hold down a pretty good job.

Even already i look back on them and remember how and why i got them. Its a cool thing for me.When im 75 and they may be all blotchy or whatever i will still look on them fondly and remember where i was and why i got them done. Its a nice thing.

I dont ask for your approval and im sure Cheryl Cole doesnt either but its a personal choice. My closest mates dont like tattoos and say "he's off again" when i go to get one. My last girlfriend rolled her eyes a bit but quite liked them. Its ok. Its ok to dislike them and say its not for you. Its pretty harsh to judge someone by them though.
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