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Erm not really. Patsy has always maintained that Nicole and Liam were "at it" long before she and Liam split.

I am rather inclined to agree with Patsy despite Nicoles claims to the contrary in her autobiography.
Really? I know they weren't divorced, but I thought they were separated.

I only read one Patsy interview, but it seemed like she only had nice things to say about Nicole.

Edit - I found this from when Lennon was one year old 'Of Miss Appleton she says: 'I can't say her name. I don't like to. It's not something I want put in the same sentence as me. She's nothing to do with me.' but in an interview printed two or three years ago she spoke of her very warmly.

I also read this - 'Miss Kensit, 32, said: 'The week after he married me, he went to Los Angeles and slept with this girl Lisa Moorish, and got her pregnant. What a ****!

'She went through with the pregnancy. You can't blame her. He dumped her for me and it wasn't very nice.'

So Patsy didn't have too many qualms in that area either...
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