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From The People:

Which young starlet left her family devastated when she went missing on a five-day bender recently?

From Crazy Days & Nights:

This A+ list diva and also A list singer/celebrity is drinking non-stop now and has even started back on the nose candy which she had given up a few years back. She is a mess and only manages to stay awake a few hours a day.

From Crazy Days & Nights:

This A+ list mostly movie actress went ballistic yesterday at a restaurant during lunch when she thought she saw a waiter looking down her unbuttoned shirt. To be fair, she did have only two of the very bottom buttons fastened, but the top six or so had slowly been unbuttoned as she had a few drinks. The actress jumped up and started yelling at the guy who said all he was doing was reaching down to pick up the empty glasses. The actress then said he should do that while facing his back to the table. Huh??

#1: New Carrie?

#2: With a Z.

#3: Legally Blonde.
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