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She won that for him.. I had never voted before but did that night. So did everyone I knew was bizarre really and maybe a set up for the public to vote for him.
I'm late to the game and only read the first page so excuse me if this point is stale but first off, Sharon didn't win it for Steve that night. Apparantely he had won all the voting till that stage so probably would've won it anyways.

Secondly, she wasn't wrong about him. I used to buy into the poor me, hard done by stories he put about the press until I had dealings with him on DS - a more spiteful and vindictive man I have never come across (the way he has behaved on twitter is also deplorable but that's a thread for another day) and in this I cannot fault Sharon. She saw through him and called him out on it, in the first year of X-Factor when Simon was still finding his feet as super producer and didn't have full control of his judges. Now the judges are a lot more careful about what they say about the contestants and while some judges have put their foot in it, none have been so open in their negative critique of contestants.

I guess the judges can't win though. If they are too "nicey nicey" they are seen as puppets of the producers but if they are too critical they are seen as mean, which turns the public against them. The judges have learned that the image they project to the public can earn them a lot of money and most play up on this.

There is a fine line between being funny/mean and Sharon has walked that line for years. She can be either and I think the reason Simon brought her back on the X-Factor was because she is the only person famous enough to not give a sh!t if people like her or not. With him not there anymore he needs someone to cause controversy. Louis is set in his role as the loveable dogsbody, Nicole plays the part of the beautiful voice of reason and Gary was meant to be the caustic head judge (in his first year he had a mug that said "head judge" and apparently Louis contested it ) but he simply lacks the natural charsima and authority of Simon.

I don't think the X-Factor will ever reach the heights of Simon and Cheryl, when Simon was naturally head judge but it will be interesting to see what Sharon adds to the panel. The show has been running for years and it could simply be a case of the audience getting tired of the format, no matter what judge they bring in (I know I never used to miss an episode but now I'm lucky if I remem ber it's on ).
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