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I have recently been writing my very own remake of Superman and would like to share with all my ideas so far.

I am a fan of the 70/80s and returns film. The new one was to action packed for me and not really Superman.

However I understand why a reboot was due. I think Man of Steel jumped to much from Scene to Scene and wasn't edited very well. However I like the fact that it explored the effect of having Aliens would have on the world.

So my idea is that the Government has known about Superman for many years and have been keeping him secret since his arrival on earth. They have been secret flight testing him all over the world so they understand how he works and just how strong he is and if he poses any threat to mankind.

However Superman gets very frustrated over the years as he grows up in secret ,he knows he is not a threat and when the Military allow him to see what is going on around the world Superman gets frustrated and angry as he knows he can help.

As the film goes on we see the crash to earth on the farm but upon doing so the Military are tracking the UFO and arrive at the farm Shortly after the crash and take Jonathan and Martha Kent under arrest and are sworn not to say anything about this.

As the film goes on Superman gets more and more restless and knows that the Military will pose no threat to him if he breaks out however he chooses not to and plays game . The Military also work out his weakness and uses this against him to keep him under wraps. This would be a cool way to tie in with Area 51 and all the secret testing that goes on there and ufo sighting across the world. It would tie both in together.

The Us Government cover things like Ufos and Aliens up so could work.

Right back to the film idea ,towards the end of the film the world becomes under a huge threat from another UFO which turns out to be General Zod and his Army. The military start to panic and finally turn to Superman for help.

Zod's space ship is hovering over metropolis under the Daily Planet and Louis Lane is on the roof top trying to take Pics as Zods Ships get ready to strike and at that point Superman flys down to save Louis and the day.

And I am thinking for the end Superman finds the farm where he crashed and Jonathan and Martha Kent where they bond and for the next film Sups will turn to them for humanity and guidance .

Just a rough idea but what do you think?
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