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Wow thank you for your reply. I do write a lot and I have written 3 horror movies and a follow on to the Never Ending Story. What I do like about The Man of Steel is how they approach like it was real because if Aliens are real the a "Superman" type Alien could also be real .Now I am huge believer in Ufo's and Aliens and I think the Us Government do cover up Alien contact on earth. I would love to be a fly on the wall inside Area 51 and this is where I got the idea from.

And the film would be a good way to tie in all the Alien and Ufo's stuff that goes on around our world. I would find a way for Jonathan and Martha to be his Parents when I write it. It is a different approach and Superman will show the world that something like Alien life on earth can not and should not be covered up, and that would introduce his values ,Truth and Justice
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