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Vile is one of those buzzwords now. Like a footballer using 'bottle' or a One Direction fan using a hashtag. It's so amusingly overused it's completely lost all meaning. People aren't spiteful or vindictive or manipulative anymore. They're 'vile' and often for very little reason. It used to be people earned these monikers. Instead now they're bestowed on the basis of someone taking a disliking to them on a reality TV show.

Also interesting that it tends to be used almost exclusively to describe women on reality TV shows.

Female contestant 1 ..."vile"

Female host...."vile"

Female judge..."vile"

The level of general hate towards female TV personalities would be tragic if the need for thesaurus wasn't so amusing.
Perhaps, but buzzwords do sometimes hit the target, and in fairness to the OP, there is evidence to back up their assertion in this particular case, as the link previously posted quite clearly demonstrates.
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