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Today's Diary: "In which I meet the love of my life."

" So then I asked him. Did he know I was completely in love with him when I was 21, 22, 23? ‘I had an inkling.’"

Last week's Diary: "In which I meet the ponytailed love of my life"

"I kept wanting to ask him why he had spurned the 23-year-old me, but I couldn’t bear to, in case his answer was too cruel.

Did he realise I was in love with him?

‘When you gave me a duvet cover for my birthday, I did wonder,’ he said."

2005 meeting with this same guy:

'Did you know I loved you?' I asked him. 'No, I didn't have a clue,' he said.

......This is an insult to the name of money for old rope. Two consecutive weeks with the same title (give or take one single word) and almost identical content!

As for today's MoS column....breathtaking. If they'd publish that, what wouldn't they publish? Didn't the editor read through any of the above and think "Hang on Liz, you wrote this Diary last week" or ,"Hang on Liz, this MoS column is staggeringly offensive and inappropriate?!"
Does she get repetitive strain injury from all this rehashing?

The column is awful. I don't know what to say without getting banned.
Maybe it's time for Nirpal to bite back, or is he best to keep quiet? Not sure on that one.
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