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This is something i've been saying for years. A Showbiz and Entertainment site like DS will likely be high on the list for most PR people to keep tabs on, so when they see a never ending stream of forum posts, articles and comments on their client, they'll keep placing stories in the media - it really isn't rocket science.

Supply and demand, unfortunately. And it's the Era of the D-Z lister, where smart money can be made even on negative publicity these days. PR reps, media and agents patrol these sites/threads like Rude Tube stalking its next victim. Every day.

Then they frame their clients (both high-profile and z-listers) next faux move to counteract/contradict what's being gossiped about if it's perceived as 'negative' or bolster/support it if they feel it will give a star a few more column inches/spotlight in a way that 'fits' that client's public image.

Even a negative thread complaining about Kerry Katona is a reason to draw up another story about her 'private' non-private life. It's all about timing and current relevancy. It doesn't have to be true.

Which is why all the Kerry Katona and Helen Flanagan threads should be locked before we start complaining en masse. Lol.

Edit: I'm sure a fair few won't be complaining about eye-candy. Only those of us that can see past the tricks and get fed up of the constant stream of tabloid drivel.
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