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I should do a social experiment .. post an innocuous thread with "Helen Flanagan" in the title and see how many people pile in with the usual phrases and insults before they realise
That happens all the time. A few days ago I was in the queue at the local shop and I can see the papers as I was walking up the queue. Front page of one of them "Adele in only a few months left cancer" and it turns out her dad has cancer, not her. Yet its played as though its her. Same with computer games, music, anything really. Drama kicks up more than anything. Like the game Resident Evil 5, loads of headlines on all the gaming sites about it being branded racist. Turns out ONE person thought its setting in what appears to be a north African country was wrong. One person, who had nothing to do with gaming in anyway. Yet every headline was more obscene than the last.

Helen is practically a walking headline machine. The gun thing, her odd comments, the fact she was never a good actress and is clearly destined to be doing porn in about 10 years, dead in a hotel from "substance overdose" in about 20 years. Same old same old.
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