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Probably because I'm talking about individuals and their individual behavior, rather than tarring a group of people with the same brush. Also not condoning people who meet their future partners when they are 50 and their partner is 13 does not make a person homophobic any more than your sexuality makes your outrage special. I realise it's easy to write-off any criticism of any gay person's behaviour as 'homophobia', especially when you can't muster a single credible point in response, but its every bit as childish as any other name-calling. As I have already implied, I'd feel exactly the same if a 50 year old straight man met his future partner when she was 13, so your sad, limp claims against me fall rather flat.
Nah, nice try. You were suggesting Stephen Fry was a paedophile, don't try to get out of it now.
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