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I actually agree with Katie on this one. It's not always possible to have a birthday party on the exact day. She clearly loves her kids very much, but just gives them a party on the weekend where it can be celebrated as a family, together.
Exactly, funny how people miss the constant comments about how she does celebrate, the comments that suggest the memory of a nice celebration regardless of when is what children remember. Yet they take everything else so literally.

I think Katie is a blast, the media love her because they know they can get a thousand idiots expressing their outrage to order (usually via the medium of twitter) because Holly Willoughby told them (or pulled a face to show) it's outrageous.

It's almost like This Morning is testing how stupid their audience are and how much they can push it. It's like Pavlov's dogs, Katie says something not very shocking and a thousand Helen Lovejoys feel a compulsion to take to twitter and go

I think if she actually was to say something 'outrageous' their heads would explode... or more likely it would just go over their head because it would be about something that really matters.

The most outrageous thing about that interview was Phil and Holly's reaction when she made a comment about netmums like she'd burnt the Quran or declared a mafia boss was a big pussy. Not a website where a small vocal figger wagging minority will huff and puff and spend the next 24 hours expressing their outrage on a internet forum, while the rest of the world couldn't give a toss. But then the media rely on that small minority.
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