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She says that giving birth is unemotional and therefore her child's birth unimportant to her.
So what if she does think giving birth is unemotional? Maybe it was. Birth is the process that doesn't mean you don't feel emotion towards the child.

Lots of people don't think birthdays are that important on the scale of things. That it is just a meaningless day where so many years ago you popped out. That it isn't a day you need to mark out as being anymore special than any other day. And that doesn't mean your child's birth is 'unimportant', doesn't mean you love that child any less. It just might mean you don't need a date on a calender telling you the exact time once a year when you should be that little bit more emotional over the fact you have children.

Katie might be a terrible snob and she might be harsh on fattys but she never suggests that people don't love their children because they act like x or do y and don't do z.That you can only be a loving parent unless you act by some dictated set of rules and it's those finger waggers she seems to take umbrage with. The passive aggressive suggestions from corners of places like netmums and the like that there is a right way that makes you a loving mother and if you don't follow it you don't love your kids. And that is far more disgraceful an attitude to have than anything Katie has expressed in my opinion.

I mean even when taking the mickey out of kids names she never ever suggests these parents don't love their children any more or less than she loves hers.
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