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Sara Webb
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Oh, man. She's STILL winding people up something rotten and people keep falling for it over and over again, which is a bit tragic. She'll say anything for attention! It's what she does - professional troll for hire. How obnoxious does she have to get before people see her act and quit paying attention? If the outrage stopped and everyone yawned, she'd bugger off quickly enough. As long as the panto villain act keeps paying out, she'll keep it up.

To be honest, I'm starting to think 'good luck to her'. Every time she talks transparent rubbish, half the country kicks off. Ignore her and she'll bog off.

Not so much referring to comments about her here - but elsewhere there is meltdown, which is exactly what she wants every time she opens her trap.

She's like Liz Jones and That Brick Creature. Obvious troll. It's a puppet!
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