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First thing I noticed was that Professor Green's teeth looked like a set of ill fitting dentures.

Martine McCutcheon has awful veneers that look like dentures too.

Chloe Sims of Towie and Rylan from BB look like they're wearing huge comedy teeth.

Dennis Waterman had such a huge set of veneers in the middle of the series of New Tricks that when he laughed, it frightened our dog ! He's now had different ones and they're much smaller.

Sarah Harding has had veneers too big for her mouth.

Colin Firth has had some fairly big ones, along with the rest of his Hollywood overhaul (dyed hair, weight loss and a suspiciously taut face).

Denzel Washington's veneers look too big for his mouth.

Bez from the Happy Mondays looks like he's got a whitened Stonehenge in his mouth. They're huge !

Michelle Keegan has lot a little of her beauty because her teeth look like dentures now. Her teeth were fine before, so no idea what possessed her to get veneers !

Rylan's have to be the worst, ill fitting veneers I've ever seen though. How can a dentist allow a patient leave his surgery looking like that?

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