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Kerry Katona is a grown woman. She IS to blame for the fact that she was so blitzed during her second marriage, her ex husband embezzled her out of millions of pounds. She has to take her share of responsibility for allowing that to happen. She IS to blame for the fact that she eschewed caring for her children in favour of locking herself in the bog with colombia's finest and a box of special brew.

She also IS to blame that she is bankrupt AGAIN. SHE and only SHE is to blame. To bring another child into this mess is feckless and irresponsible. She may have 'known him since school' but they've only been in a relationship for a short period of time.

She is a feckless, irresponsible, selfish moron.

She is, but I actually think she's worse than that.
I honestly think she's done it on purpose - the only "surprise" is that it didn't happen 6 months ago.
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