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She was seriously affected by the negative public response implied by the award. She has been CBB marmite, lots of people have loved her but equally lots have loathed her as indicated by some of the vitriolic posts on this forum. She is just not going to cope with some of the attitude she gets from members of the public afterwards.

I know there will be a gazillion responses saying she knew what she was doing when she chose to go into the house. However I don't think that is true. She is someone with huge psychological issues who should never have been allowed to go in even if she wanted to because it is clear to me she is not equipped to handle the aftermath. Tonight's awards have just reinforced for me why the the production team was wrong to select her as a housemate.

BTW she's not my favourite, I don't want her to win but I also don't think she us the biggest game player - that would got to Carol.
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