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She has given birth to three children and brags about going to work immediately, dumping them on nannies, who also go to sports day's, school concerts etc, because Katie is not interested.
When she says having babies is no big deal, she is showing a lack of bonding with them, she didn't bother to bond. For her children, those birthdays will be a just another time when their mother was not there. They don't even get wished Happy Birthday or a card if it falls on the wrong day. Maybe it is just another day, but her son is four. Her children are walking candidates for serious mental health problems...What is one of her daughters is more emotional, than she is supposed to be? What is a child isn't A grade material? And what if one of them gets teenage puppy fat? She will be so critical, it will destroy them. She wants a world with less workers rights, she loves zero hour contracts, she is a discriminatry employer..BTW I would like Katie to tell Vanessa Feltz or Dawn French why she would find them unemployable?
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