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Nah, nice try. You were suggesting Stephen Fry was a paedophile, don't try to get out of it now.
I'm not trying to 'get out' of anything, merely trying to restate facts. The facts are and remain that Fry, a middle aged man, met his current partner and began working with him when he was 13. If that makes him a paedophile to you, thats an interesting theory. I personally would hesitate to go that far (thanks for taking the initiative) without further evidence. I do find him to be a morally bankrupt creep. But then as I've restated time and time again I'd feel the same about anyone who left their long term partner for someone they'd been working with in a professional capacity since that partner was 13. Likewise I'm skeptical of middle aged forum members who publicly letch over people like Daley the moment they hit 16.
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