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I think it's achingly obvious he's gay (and no, I don't fancy him). But he says he's not and so that's that I'm afraid as far as the 'official' stance goes.

That said, the fact remains it would not surprise me if at some future point he 'came out', however 'public' or low-profile it may occur. The one thing I think that is worth bearing in mind is that 'realising' one's self is gay, and 'accepting' it, are two different matters and that both manifest themselves in multiple forms and at differing times. In my case, for an anecdotal example, I never denied to myself that I was gay, although I certainly went through a period struggling to accept it, and wishing it wasn't so. And during that period, if anyone had straight out asked me, I would have denied it, due to a whole mixture of feelings that it isn't really possible to articulate in a few words.

To re-iterate and simplify, if Tom says he isn't gay then that's that, although people are entitled to retain their personal view otherwise, so long as they don't advocate pressing him further on the issue.
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