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From Crazy Days & Nights:

This former A list celebrity/singer (#1) from way back in the day and by way back i mean 80's was at an event the other day and was telling a promoter why he should hire her instead of her former rival who was also A list (#2). #1 then called #2 a wh*re who was only famous because she would have sex with anyone to get ahead. Pot calling kettle black. #1 was just more discreet.

From Crazy Days & Nights:

Since i went back to the 80's for the last one, here is one more. Which one of the following 80's Brat Packers has not had sex with G.I Jane?

The West Wing?
The Dead Zone?
The Mighty Ducks?
Weekend At Bernie's?
Suddenly Susan?
Boston Legal?
Boston Legal, I reckon. V hot in the day, but not really in the same crowd.
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