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Oh God Bardsley was horrendous. You couldn't even say she was nice to look at or had a good figure.
Helen is pretty enough and has a great figure and she is smarter than we think. I watched her in that Salon Prog the other night (I was waiting for the BB final) and she totally stole the show with her antics.....refused to wear the trousers provided and appeared in her jacket top only, with her legs going on forever and looking fabulous. Then was wearing 6" heels, not apt for Salon work. Then turned up late ,created drama where there was none and did the floods of tears flounce for camera time. She literally hi-jacked the show. So, unlike thicko Chantelle Houghton (who is VERY thick) and others this one is savvy and playing the thicko game to the max.

I think you may be confusing "smart" with being an ignorant famewhoring talent vacuum.
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