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Made a little compilation of just some of the supposedly 'rare' twitter sightings over the last few days plus one of her pink horsebox by a Brighton based tweeter on 28th August. People may well be tweeting that they've seen her because she's been in the news recently but as has been said it seems very strange that nobody caught sight of them in the horsebox anywhere during the whole dramarama. It actually convinces me that she wasn't at home and was somewhere less people recognise her (but in a less conspicuous vehicle) because if she was in the Sussex area she'd have been far more likely to be spotted. I don't think she could stay cooped up in Pricey Palace the whole time but they could well have returned earlier than reported.
That's two or three actual events though Sam - obviously this woman leaves the house more than 3 days a year. She obviously has ways of not being spotted. And of course she will be far more likely to be recognised around her home area.

People hang on what's been reported (as that's all they have to go on) but nothing to say she couldn't have left the horse box once everything happened and travel in a better vehicle. As has been said lots of times, very little information other than from her about what actually happened.
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