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Sharon's a boring hypocrite.

Just look at the turnaround she gave Madonna when Kelly was in the running for the Material Girl job.
Was she praising Madonna to heaven then when Kelly got the MG job?!! It was probably why Madonna gave Kelly the job

Why did you watch the show then? You knew she'd be on it, and if you dislike her SO much, you'd avoid yeah?

Or were you just disappointed that she didn't diss Princess D of Minogueshire
I thought she came across terrible on that show. She was self-obsessed, OTT and trying way too hard.

Why is what Susan Boyle looked like even up for discussion?
Sharon is a woman who has access to the best clothes, best skin care and plastic surgery, Susan Boyle had cared for her mother and lived on a Scottish Council estate, she was laughing at someone that was poor and had other things to worry about, than what clothes to wear.
I hold it against her because she is rude and loves attention, so she mouths off. She needs the job on The X Factor not for money but for her massive ego and so she can patronised people.
Maybe Sharon thinks Susan should have as much plastic surgery as she's had so she (Susan) can look as "good" as her!!
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