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That's two or three actual events though Sam - obviously this woman leaves the house more than 3 days a year. She obviously has ways of not being spotted. And of course she will be far more likely to be recognised around her home area.

People hang on what's been reported (as that's all they have to go on) but nothing to say she couldn't have left the horse box once everything happened and travel in a better vehicle. As has been said lots of times, very little information other than from her about what actually happened.
I don't think I'd describe shopping in Brighton and Chichester as 'events' Cyril and I could have included far more from other days. Just making the point that if she's out and about in one of her pink vehicles she tends to get spotted and regularly tweeted about as they're a talking point. She does have other vehicles she can use when she wants to travel inconspicuously. Completely agree that the information we have has all come from Katie and she seems to want to keep it that way but not divulging any specific details which could be checked which is what raises people's suspicions. If she wanted to quash the speculation she could be more open but perhaps she wants to encourage it - who knows.
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