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I regularly see a lady from Coronation Street out and about near me. She is with her hubby and young child and they go in a restaurant that I go in. They are just getting on with things but there are always groups of people staring and whispering. I would find that very annoying. Some even walk past their table a few times grinning at them or just staring. Never seen anyone approach them though.

Have seen the paps setting up their cameras with their step ladders many times ( not for the Corrie family). I saw one on his phone organising where to stand as word was out Abbey Clancy was at the nail bar. Coleen Rooney is another on their hit list. The times I have seen her she always has her head down and is walking pretty quick. Thing is you can never tell who will whip out a camera right in her face. Seen it happen and it's horrible.
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