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So that's that settled once and for all. The people who paid her for her exclusive story say pink horse box , so pink horse box it is.

Or rather isn't if my own theory is correct. She went off to have her baby who knows where in who knows what kind of vehicle. Her being a liar and the Sun being less than reliable means she could have gone to Siberia in a balloon . You pays your money and takes yer choice and one guess is as good as another on this one. It'll all be in her next next book. My breath is bated .

Anyway, the good news is --->>>>>
Katie Pwice ‏@MessKatiePrice 14 Sep.....Busy week signing flip flop orders!! Now I'm back delivery is just 1 week so you can still get yours here .......

....WOO-HOO ! .....just in time for winter.
Never mind those Uggs and ankle boots, plastic floppy flippers are the winter must have !

Just what l thought. Who on earth is buying flip flops at this time of year. (I wouldn't buy them at anytime mind)
sidsgirl is online now