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After seeing Philip Scholfield in Cornwall last year and all the fuss around him from people when he walked up the street I'm interested to know how much of a normal life these people have. A trip to the supermarket must be a chore in itself

Surely the bigger stars have security around them?
Im sure a more minor star would lead a pretty normal life. & its all about context. I wouldnt spot a Saturday in the supermarket next to me, but a teen would. A couple of years ago I spotted Marc Almond in the street, he's be recognised by people y age & older, but a 20 something would prob not realise he was famous. Its all relative.

Friend of mine years ago said how he was walking through a pub in London and did a double take cos Madonna & Guy Ritchie were in there having a pint.

It really depends at what point in a celebs ascent/descent they are I guess
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