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I would respectfully offer that i've never insulted any FM's because I'm fully aware it's against the T's & C's. I will certainly admit to generalising a whole lot, but I've certainly never aimed anything specific at anyone. And i've certainly never told anyone what they should and shouldn't say.

But in the interests of a "sensible" approach, what is there actually to say ?. Flanagan, Cole & co. are pariahs of the Showbiz forum and whenever anyone posts a thread about them, the same people join the thread to post the same things over and over and over again.

That's not me being condescending, it's fact.

But if that's challenged, either by me trying (and clearly failing) to be funny, or by anyone else, the wagons are circled and we're accused of being a fan of the person in question or "loving" them because the negative stuff that has been said is absolute, irrefutable fact in the eyes of the poster who's written it.

So again, what is there to say when one side is so absolute in their conviction that their opinion is right ?

Unfortunately, as i'm sure you're well aware, the medium of ascii text, without the help of facial expressions or mannerisms, is not the ideal forum to try and express a sense of humour.

If i've genuinely come across as everything you've said then i certainly do offer a sincere apology as it was never my intention. My intention was only to poke fun at the absurdity of the repetitive nature of people's interest in the likes of Flanagan & co.

Sorry to disappoint you, but it's certainly not a flounce or a diva strop ..

Come on Jason - you're not stupid; you know full well that you are focusing on FM's - not on the celebrity. With respect, you post continuously about 'the same old thing' being posted about Flanagan et al - but you're doing the very same thing and actually you're not commenting on Flanagan - you are making digs at FM's. You say you were trying to be 'funny' but really, the rolleyes icon doesn't make it the most lighthearted means of expression and it does come across as desperately snide and supercilious. Whether that was your intention or not is immaterial - that is how it comes across to me and many others.

Perhaps if you could post about the celebrity rather than the FM's, you may get a better response; just a thought?
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