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Chris, there's a thought!
Good news: Pegg has apparently ruled himself out. Still a question mark over Benedict Cumberbatch mind. A bit better, but he showed his limitations as an actor in Tinker Tailor the other week. Not that that matters here of course.

Don't get me wrong, im a HUGE fan of the original trilogy, but this was a chance at a proper franchise regeneration, something new. Maybe its a hat tip cantina scene and nothing substantial? If they are the main focus of the movie, im not sure i have any interrest in watching it.

Cameos, fine, anything more? No thanks!
Does Abrams ever really do 'new' though? He just polishes up back-dated concepts and franchises mostly. A sheen of newness, a few fresh faces, but underneath much the same, old components, playing safe etc. His trick is to work on projects where this isn't really an issue.

I suppose SW is too steeped in pop-culture mythology to do anything truly new. Dusting down the Falcon has already done the job for some it seems. And looking at the box-office hike the Vader-empowered Sith enjoyed ($848m) compared to the relatively lowly returns for Clones ($649m), you can see how much needed the presence of the past is.
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