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Katie Price cannot enjoy the flavour of food, nor seek not the solace of flesh; her sex pictures have been stolen. To Katie Price a flower is but a nuisance, sunlight the blossom’s accomplice; her sex pictures have been stolen. Speak not of water-clad nymphs or days of joy and redemption to Katie Price; her sex pictures have been stolen.

That is to say: ‘sex pictures’ of Katie Price entangled within and around an ex have been taken from her home, and the police are on the case to track down who stole them. ...

“Katie is disturbed that information with respect to this investigation has been published,” the rep said. “To clarify she has been helping police after a third party was blackmailed.
“An individual has now been arrested and charged so Katie won’t be commenting on this matter further.” Apart from, uh, on her own Twitter account.
Early this morning Katie tweeted: “Somebody has been arrested and charged about blackmailing to use these stolen pictures so a step closer to who stole them.
She then tweeted then deleted: "For the record im NOT worried about any sex pictures and it's NOT affecting my relationship, I'm sure Alex would be worried as he is roxanne." What… what does this obtuse code mean? Who… who was in the hot snaps with you, Katie? It’s so hard to know for sure.
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