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There's loads of non camp blokes on the telly who are equally as bitchy...why don't they get the same vitriole? It seems the majority of people who dislike him (and I'm not talking exclusively about DS FMs here) find his campness the most disagreeable feature. Is it the stereotype, or the person that causes the reaction?

When he wasn't putting on the 'act', he seemed quite insightful, and just like any other bloke caged up in a false environment with people they wouldn't normally mix with.
It's got nothing to do with his campness for me, I adore Graham Norton and Julian Clary, both of whom are insightful when they drop that campness. As both have matured I find them more and more watchable.

Louis downfall (IMA) is that when a camera is around he hogs it, and how! I really don't want to see him pirouetting constantly or twirling round banisters. UGH.

He may have been a very different character in the BB house. I switched off after the launch show. Just the thought of him and Abs made me shudder.
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