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An amazingly well woven plot, bringing together several strands very skilfully. Casting wise theres a hint of "too many cooks",though Gyllenhaal excels - his role is less showy than Jackman's but has more substance to it. The supporting cast is somewhat underused - frankly I wish they had reduced down Jackman's role slightly and given some of the talented supporting cast a bit more to do.

I very much enjoyed the ambiguity of the morality we were seeing from the characters and how that played out. I found it especially interesting that to varying degrees you could argue that all the main cast, to varying degrees, were victims in one way or another. However it was disappointing that the character who ultimately is the most clearly defined victim is rather hastily discarded in a rather unsatisfying way.


But then on the other hand, the film was over long, overall. I suspect this may have been left on the cutting room floor (i read the initial cut was 3 hours odd long) but even so I think there was a bit of an issue with the editing in so much as some things were really glossed over quickly while some plot points were laboured to the point of tedium.

Still overall, it was good, but I was slightly disappointed with some elements of it.

I had to complete one of those cinema score audience reaction surveys this evening, I rated it a B, but it wasn't far away from being a C.
Still a great little, long, drama [7/10] - but there was too much Dover, wanted more of the other Family, and with two and a half hours running time, there was time.

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