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Why are so many people so eager to announce that every second celeb is gay? If a well known guy isn't either married or regularly photographed with some bimbo hanging on his arm the gay police are rushing straight in. And even if he is married with six kids they still narrow their eyes and go hmmm?? Cover up??
What is this obsession with wanting well known people to be gay?

Lol, it's not the 'gay police' - thanks to the internet, the media does a lot of fibbing and over-dramatising of every celebrity circumstance so many people are naturally suspicious. We also have celebrity pushed in our faces every day and many of these tales of romance or woe seem overcooked. Some are just as they appear too.

I would say for several of them there's no smoke without fire, but often people do get their wires crossed too, or leap before researching. There are some celebs who will always be 'anomalies' because they don't fit any stereotype or pattern.

I think the growth of the internet, and that 'gay' is thankfully no longer a dirty word to be whispered has made colourful speculation flourish. Plus I think people like what seems like a good puzzle to crack, be it right or wrong.
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