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for new to tori, fans and acquaintances,

I have been asked to rate my favourite albums - i think that it is perhaps better if I review all albums goes..... this hurts a little doing this - but I am honest about it....even as an uber fan

[mark out of 5 and short accompanying caption review]

Y Kant Tori Read - Y Kant Tori Read [ *** undiscovered 80s gloss and kooky rock pop ]

Little Earthquakes [ **** piano driven melodic siren songs that are from the heart that cut deeper]

Under the Pink [**** a visceral impressionistic painting with handfuls of grit, religion and societal rejection]

Boys for Pele [**** blood and guts - warm and wet]

From the Choirgirl Hotel [**** electronic heart beats echo in a metal driven British city]

To Venus and Back (*** 1/2 ... no air.... no space ...just orbital rioting and bliss)

Strange Girls (*** alternative perspective on popular or familiar songs - the unheard voice sings)

Scarlett's walk (*** 3/4 mainstream US road journey)

The Beekeeper (*** mixed collection of pop-classical and continuation of Scarlet sounding m/o/r singlets - mixed sound production quality)

American Doll Posse (*** 3/4 a return to the BFP; LE songs form the heart and soul ... but track listing too long...)

Abnormally Addicted to Sin ( *** smokey electro trip hop - sound mixing mixed]

Midwinter Graces (** 1/2 fantastic and alternative in places, bad mixing and mastering in places, bland in some places!)

Night of the hunters (** 1/2 classical but dull and overlong and forgettable in places with terrible mixing and Tori's vocals are too dry in the mix)
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