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Watched this at the weekend and I found it quite mesmerising. The cinema was very busy but was mostly silent throughout the film.

It wasn't a feel-good film for sure, but it was quite gripping. I had read something about it making the audience question their morals and posing lots of difficult questions - however as much as this was partly true, it didn't quite get me thinking/reflecting to the same extent I thought it might.

There were some things I think could have been improved - as some people have already said, Keller Dover was a main character but it would have been good to showcase some others too. I think there were a few things that were thrown in to make it a bit more sinister when, on reflection, they perhaps needed more development - for example:


There were also parts of the storyline that I felt weren't fully developed:

Also a couple more questions for anyone who has seen it:

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