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Saw this tonight. One of the best films i've seen this year and probably one of the best 'adult' films i've seen which we rarely get at the cinema nowadays for obvious reasons.

All the cast were great. Jackman acted his socks off, Dano pulled off the creepy weirdo extremely well, Melissa Leo proves yet again what an excellent character actor she is, but the standout for me was Gyllenhall. Fantastic actor and always has been. Thought he was brilliant in this. I liked that he didn't have a backstory. He had all those tattoos on his hands and neck, we literally didn't know anything about him.

Lots of twists and turns, didn't know what path it was taking me down or how it was going to end but i was along for the ride. This is a film that respects its audience and doesn't treat them for fools. It makes you think what would you do if you were Keller. Did what Keller do was right? Was it understandable? Should he be punished for it?

And that ending was great! Best ending to a film i've seen in years. That was the perfect ending to the film and the exact cut off point to end it at. You didn't need to see or be shown any more.

Probably a film that needs to be seen twice as because it's so intricate you miss things first time round. With all the crap we get at the cinema nowadays films like this are a rare breed. Highly, highly recommended.
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