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This thread's hilarious, this is my favourite!

I had a bizarre dream about a celeb last night!! In my dream I got home from a very busy day and opened my fridge. The Dairylea triangles I had recently bought had been opened and only one triangle was left. I was puzzled and furious. Then a schoolfriend of mine called Simon dropped by and for some reason he was a paper boy. He handed me a newspaper and told me that earlier he'd seen Kate Bush pole vaulting over my garden hedge with Dairylea triangles in her mouth. For some reason I was aware that she comes in to my flat when I'm working away and wasn't happy about it.

Kate Bush - Dairylea triangle pilfering squatter . (I'm a fan really )
Weednesday night I dreamt Michael Palin had died.
Thursday night I dreamt Tom Baker had died.
Last night I dreamt Janice Dickinson had died.
You're just morbid!

I had a dream about Peter Barlow in Coronation Street last night
Similarly, I dreamt last night that I had to go and but some dry roasted peanuts for Nick from Corrie (he was still in hospital at the time)
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