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Of course most men married to women are straight. Citing Elton John as an example to cling on to your fantasies is downright stupid. So all the bigoted idiots who use certain cases as proof that all gay men are paedophiles are right too are they? Or like you, are they just being selective.

You can't label a complete stranger. People on here can't honestly think it makes sense for them to say things like "Tom Daley is lying, he is gay" when they have no insight into his life. People believe what they want and are never satisfied.
Be honest, are you really on this thread to protect all men in the public eye from being scrutinised or do you secretly want to know who is in the closet, otherwise why are you even reading this thread? This is a fun thread as hinted at in the title and some of the comedy posts, if you don't like it you don't need to read it.
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