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Everyone in the world is disliked by someone. With the case of Chris Martin its mostly through jealousy, the fact that hes a very wealthy man with a perfect life whereas theyre stuck behind a computer with no friends and no life.

And thats the real reason
And that's the most comically infantile post I've seen in some time.

How sad for you that being rich and plain are your only measures of success and that a veneer of wealth and fame amount in your view to a 'perfect life'.

Even if you are to assume that we're all that shallow, I'm not sure why you think we'd be 'jealous' particularly of someone who attained his fortune by playing it safe to a bunch of mediocre milk-sops rather than the great many daring and creative artists in the world who achieved their success through innovation and originality.

It does amuse me that even a defender of Martin chooses, rather than citing anything special in any of his work, to hold up his wealth and fame as his sole achievements. Truly, let's all bow down in deference to our betters.
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