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She said it in the middle of the night on some BBC radio show, it wasn't even Radio 4, nobody was paying attention, it got her no publicity, other than some disgust from other callers..She brags about going after married men... She does describe herself as a panto villain. So does Simon Cowell and he also means much of what he says, is a publicity seeker and an egotist, with no real taste in music.
Katie's actions are what shows her true colours....Julie Burchill is another professional troll, but her true character is the one that left her son, without remorse and still slates the man that brought him up in her columns...They are both total headcases. Katie is just really fame hungry, that is what she wanted from The Apprentice, the same as Stella English wanted, not the job, they want attention.
Katie seems to love being called bad names but give her an actual argument she hates that.
Fair enough, millie! I don't doubt she IS a big fat nutjob on some level - even if she really was a professional troll who didn't even believe her own nonsense how demented must you have to be to want that for your career? I'm just hoping the like of This Morning will eventually bore of the silly woman and that the pubic will follow. It's all so tedious.
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