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So what if she's nice?! I'm nice! My brother is nice! That stranger over there is probably NICE too! How on earth is that regarded as some kind of achievement or something to be lauded over?! It's not as if we don't have enough talented "nice" people in showbiz already. Who isn't nice?! *ahem, Christian Bale*
Well, I'd say being nice is more laudable than being clever or talented, personally. Being nice - kindness, pleasantness to others - isn't universal at all, and it makes the world better to be in for everyone.

And they ARE harming through making people believe that being that hideously thick, ignorant and clueless about anything other than hair products and Big Brother line-ups is acceptable. It's not!! In my books anyway. I'm not a genius, far from it, and I watch some dire TV too, but at the same time I know who the Prime Minister is, I know the what the capital of France is, and I have a basic opinion on the state of the economy etc I just can't get my head around people who don't know these extremely basic (and sometimes, important) things!
Stupidity certainly shouldn't be seen as something to aspired to, that I agree with, and if Helen is feigning it, then that's wrong. But if she simply is stupid, then I don't think she can be held to blame if others see that as something to emulate.
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