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Off the top of my head, others that are celebrated and praised for being THICK AS SH-- are:

Stacey Solomon

Chantelle Houghton

Chanelle Hayes

Brian Belo

Joey Essex

Mark Wight


Their defenders' go-to line is always "Aww but they're so nice and sweet and aren't harming any one, so what if they're a bit dim?"

So what if she's nice?! I'm nice! My brother is nice! That stranger over there is probably NICE too! How on earth is that regarded as some kind of achievement or something to be lauded over?! It's not as if we don't have enough talented "nice" people in showbiz already. Who isn't nice?! *ahem, Christian Bale*

And they ARE harming through making people believe that being that hideously thick, ignorant and clueless about anything other than hair products and Big Brother line-ups is acceptable. It's not!! In my books anyway. I'm not a genius, far from it, and I watch some dire TV too, but at the same time I know who the Prime Minister is, I know the what the capital of France is, and I have a basic opinion on the state of the economy etc I just can't get my head around people who don't know these extremely basic (and sometimes, important) things!

Why are these stupid people famous and filthy rich for being...for being...for being NOTHING but thick?! Jealous? Me? Of course I'm jealous of people who earn tens of thousands of pounds for doing bugger all, really!!!

Wow. Didn't realise how strongly I felt about this subject....

EDIT: I am just one of those people who don't find dim/thick/whatever you want to call it, funny.
Agree. None of these people are truly thick though. They're putting on the whole "I'm such a bimbo!" shtick.

In answer to the OP, yes there is an end to Helen's stupidity, because she's putting it on! I remember when she was much younger, she was of normal intelligence.
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