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My IQ drops to zero every time that thick as shit muppet opens her mouth, untalented, slightly uglier than Pam and her five sisters, how on earth did that get a career in the media?

Most females have self respect and would not lay on their backs to further their careers like a la muppet.
Most self respecting people probably wouldn't automatically assume that a female who has made a success of themself in any industry has had to lay on their back to do it.... unless of course you some concrete facts that I don't? (if this is the case I will offer my humble apologies of course).

For the record, to answer the OP, I don't think FC is the most talented young woman in the UK, far from it, but in the balance of fairness, nor do I think she is anywhere near as bad as some on this thread have made out. You could lump any number of TV hosts/ Radio DJ's both male and female into the same mix in terms of actual ability.

She's basically a female Dermot O'Leary.
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